What should women know about learning to love yourself?

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Women are taught from a very young age that they should look, act, and dress a certain way. Society has impressed upon the woman that she must fit into a certain stereotype. This way of thinking makes it hard for women; learning to love yourself just doesn’t coincide with the way a lady should act. Or does it?

What society thinks

Traditionally, the woman has always been known as the caregiver of the family. She’s always held the titles of wife, mom, and grandma. The traditional woman is weak in stature, but strong in spirit and she will fight for what she believes is the well being of her family. She is also quiet and demure in nature; she only speaks when spoken to unless she feels the need to defend her family.

Fortunately, society has changed its views on the role of the woman. Obviously women still bear children and should provide a safe environment for them to grow, but today’s woman is an outspoken working mom and wife. She has a new set of rules to abide by and though her role isn’t as restricting, she still has a lot to deal with. She is told that she must not weigh too much, her hair must be styled a certain way, her clothes must be fashionable, and she should never allow anyone to know she is capable of being weak in times of crisis.

So how does a woman find a way in today’s world to appreciate and respect herself for exactly who she is?


The most important thing a woman must learn in order to find bliss in this chaotic life is the ability to look in the mirror and be proud of who she has become. Gaining an understanding of each separate flaw and how she can capitalize on those weaknesses, turning them into strengths. The successful, self-loving woman has come to terms with who she is and has learned a very important lesson: Uniqueness equals strength.

Learning to embrace differences and understanding what makes each individual different is one of the greatest accomplishments a woman can make in her lifetime. Whatever makes her different from other women is exactly what defines her and makes her who she is, she should learn to love each and every little quirk she possesses and become passionate about conserving personal differences.

Today’s world makes it hard for everyone. Men and women alike have their own battles that they have to deal with daily. As society continues to grow and mature, it will begin to go different directions and what is accepted today, will be considered taboo or dated tomorrow. Only those who learn to accept who they are and make the most of it will be able to adapt to this ever changing world. For women, learning to love yourself has to be more than just a personal journey, it has to become a way of life, otherwise the world will continue to advance and leave them behind.

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